The Opposite Of Faith

It would be natural to think the opposite of faith is unbelief, but it’s not. Take a moment to read what the opposite of faith really is.

by Andrew Stroud | 2 min read

It would be natural to think the opposite of faith is unbelief but it’s not.

The opposite of faith is not unbelief, it’s apathy.

“I’m not interested” is what kills faith, not “I don’t believe.”

If you’re not going anywhere particular you don’t think of yourself as lost. Just wandering. Most people go through life the same way they shop at IKEA. They follow the arrows, unthinking, browsing the wares.

We never look for something until we realize it’s missing. Before we can have faith we must have awareness.

Awareness of the bigger picture. Awareness of our need. Without these a person cannot take steps that lead to faith.

Because faith isn’t something that happens to you. Faith is something you find. And we rarely find things we aren’t looking for.

To find God you must be looking for him.

“You will seek Me and find Me, when you search for Me with all your heart.”

If you have awareness and you begin searching there’s a good chance you will find God. But even then there’s one remaining challenge: we don’t find things unless we look for them in the right places.

In order to find faith:

  • You must have awareness.
  • You need to be searching for God.
  • You must be looking in the right places.

Where are the right places to find God?

The Search for Faith

But why should we have to search for God? Shouldn’t he reveal himself to us?

He already has.

God isn’t hiding. He’s right where he’s always been. However, because of our sin, we are the ones essentially hiding. “God created people to be virtuous, but each has turned to follow their own downward path.”2

It is we who have drifted far from God. That’s why we struggle to find him.

However, we have good news in this promise from Acts: “God’s purpose is for people to seek for him, to perhaps feel their way toward him and find him, though he is not far from any of us.” 3

God wants us to find him. We just need to look in the right places.

God has revealed himself in general and specific ways. Here’s where to look for him.

1. Creation and Conscience

We can learn general truth about God by studying creation and listening to our conscience. Everyday, both outside and within us, God makes himself known if we’re paying attention.

2. Scripture and Jesus

Creation and conscience reveal God’s existence and character. But to know the specifics of who God is and what he’s up to, you have to explore the Bible and especially Jesus. These are the places where God speaks in detail about himself and his plans.

Search in the places above and you will find God. The Bible calls this search faith—and God promises to reward it.

“Everyone who asks will receive. He who seeks will find. To him who knocks, the door will be opened.” 4

Getting Started

Finding God doesn’t just happen. We have to search for him! And that takes effort.

But it’s worth it. Scripture promises that God rewards those who diligently seek him. It also tells us that faith puts us on a path that leads to abundant life.

You can begin your search by reading your Bible each morning. If you’re not sure how, start here

Andrew has a passion for discipleship and disciple-making and has trained leaders for the kingdom who are living and sharing their faith around the world. He loves being outdoors and enjoys reading, writing, and running. He and his family live in San Diego, CA.

  1. Jeremiah 29.13
  2. Ecclesiastes 7.29
  3. Acts 17.26-27
  4. Matthew 7.8

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